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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


SAO'S Legend Aincrad

Assalammualaikum, Konnichiwa readers!

Yuhuuu I'm back for another entry alhadmulillah :))))

So...I'm going to update about SAO'S Legend Aincrad which was *to me* it's a fun game to play ..

But first let's take a look at some pictures that I've been screen captured :) Kyaaaa~

This is my my guide if you're interested to play it just follow the instructions :) *click the sign up button first if you don't have any account for this site yet* CLICK HERE

Next, after you sign in/log in into your account the site will became like this one here...see? Welcome SyaraChan *yeah..yeah that's mine* I'm a noob dude. Click the Start Game button ANDDDDDD choose any server..

Wait, while it's progressing like this one here.

Choose your favourite type of character *well it's type and THE CHARACTER obviously C:

Tadaaaa! You've made it into the game yay! Now clap your hands *applause* ^^
Just click at the "Start Adventure" button and you're ready to play the game! Link Start!

Now I'm at level 13 *currently* but meh...my WiFi kind of the slow one you've ever experienced.While I'm playing the game it kept glitch everywhere ._. But, well at least I've experienced playing it even it became like this................

LOL xD But yeah ,..I admit it's such a fun entertainment for you guys out there to try it out! I'll play it once again when my WiFi connection doesn't have pretty much error after this.

Just watch this video I've uploaded..

So I guess that's all for today .. Sayonara !!! :D  

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