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Thursday, April 27, 2017


Blue Sky Tag

Hello there peeps! Ayyyyy~ I got tagged by Farah Syazana for the awesome questions being asked by her to...? Me obviously dude :) And yeah arigato gozaimasu (thanks a lot) for the tag! I felt happy and excited to answer it! Love you! Hahahaha okay. So, let's start answering! Weeeeee ....


- Thank the person who tagged you 
- Answer their 11 questions
- Tag 11 people
- Give them 11 questions to answer

*please don't break the rules...but if you did then....IDK hahahaha*

1. How do you start a conversation?

Start a conversation huh? Let see....Well, normally people will tend to start the conversation first cause, I'm not such a friendly person to be honest. But, if I really get to know you then, I'll show my true colors which that, I'm hundred percent *actually* friendly. Like, when people say " Hello! My name is .......what is your name? " Then, I'll answer it and poof! We're friends :) So, can I simply say that I don't start a conversation with people cause I'm shy? LOL yeah unfriendly is not really me but, people being mistaken. Yeah the right word is shy....shyness controls my action.

2. Best compliment you've received?

You're such a hardworking person. Can you imagine people said that I'm such a hardworking person?! Pfft, can I laugh for a second? Being such a hardworking person is so gross.Wait,not like it's a bad one for me but just I'm lazy to do something last minute.Maybe, they're mistaken too and it kept them wondering how can I finish all my homework in just one day. The only reason is that, I'm lazy!!! It's true look, I don't want to drag the homework to the other day and yeah I'm truly lazy so, I end up finish it all in just one day and I don't have to think about it anymore. Fuhhhh, that explains better. Hope so.

3. What was the last picture you took with your phone?

Guess what? I'm checking the phone right now LOL . The last picture I took with my phone was an anime picture from the laptop. Don't laugh I likes anime very much! And the fact is that, anime and me are bond to be together okay, now you can laugh. 

this is the prove to show that I'm such an honest person HAHAHAHA 

4. What was the last lie you told?

Tricky question this far...the last lie I told (shows me how bad I am MashaAllah may Allah forgives me...). I used to have a little bit crisis/issue with my friend's Hurun but this is an old story by the way. Don't think it negatively. We're not fighting or bashing or whatever. I just can't hold on how obsessed she was with kpop *fangirling* it makes me sick with her behaviour. ..kdrama is fine to me but to much kpop ugh. Usually, I will have a recess together with her at the school's canteen. But, I told her that my friend's Aina *she's my friend since we're in form 1* had a problems with her classmates and they're fighting and not talking to each other and hating and and...okay, hope you get it. She understood and just said " Okay, you can just go with her..I don't mind ". I'm bad....I know but toooooo much kpop :')))) even though I likes anime but I'm not like 24/7 talking about it and ugh.....But, we're not fighting. We're still friends until now.Well, she sits besides me in the classroom guys. So, don't put to much pressure on reading this.

5. If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would you pick and why?

I would pick someone that I admire. Even though he's a boy. Don't think it negatively like my friend's story in the question number four...Come on! I just want to have an experience on how a boy's life was and how to being admired by a girl. Uuuuuu...I think that's why I was born as a girl. If I'm a boy maybe, this is just my prediction. I'll be the playboy type. Ish! Gladly and thankfully I'm a girl. Alhamdulillah. Well, I'm grateful after all, so just forget about what you just read by now.I don't want to wake up in the body of someone else please...I'm proud of myself! I love myself!

6. What cheers you up?

FOOD !! FOOD !! FOOD !! 

Image result for anime loves food gif
this gif describes me well enough.

7. Who is your hero?

The one and only Rasullullah PBUH :') I got a book called " Kepimpinan Rasullullah Dalam Peperangan " . It's too thick, so I don't have much time to read it. But, sometimes I'll read it as my motivation on how Rasullullah berjihad. You can look at the image down below.

Image result for buku kepimpinan rasullulah dalam peperangan

the book looks exactly like the image here :) if you're interested you can find it at the nearest bookstore I'm sure the book was there! I hope I can finish it soon.

8. What have you always wanted?

I always wanted my parents to be proud of me.  How? By showing my Straight A's results and my parents will hugs me and said " Well done Syara...we really loves you! " . I always wanted this since I'm 11 years old. It's like 5 years in the past cause I'm 16 years old now. But, well Allah knows better and the best for me isn't ? Furthermore, I always knew they're always pray for my future.

9. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?

My first thought when I woke up this morning was that....." Aku nak iron baju nanti ". Well, there was certain time Syara iron baju next morning cause I want to wake up early. So, that's how I wake up early in the morning. LOL

10. What question do you hate to answer?

Nak makan apa? Or  nak makan kat mana? WOW! This will test my patience and keimanan dude :) 

11. What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is Allah SWT. I fear him. I fear that I fail to obey him. Nauzubillahhiminzalik...I hope we can all repent from our own mistakes. Well, we're just a servant not more than that. I don't fear of failing cause it's good to improve myself. So that, I'll strive to learn better.

I tag them from my followers list ! xD Guys! Feel free to answer it okay? Hoping to read it later!

1. Nurul Rasya

2. Black Swan
3. Hani Zahid
4. Misaki
5. FaraNym
6. Shiro Usagi
7. Run
8. Izzati Haruno
9. Mia Liana
10. Doop
11. Zlyn

Okay, that's it! Now for the 11 fantastic questions :)

1, What is your goals in life?

2. Do you have any phobia?
3. Who is your close friend?
4. Imagine you're in 10 years from now. What will you be?
5. Can you describe your hidden talents?
6. What is your favorite animal?
7. Have you ever try any foreign food?
8. What do you like about yourself?
9. Describe your bedroom in 4 words,
10. What is your favorite type of book?
11. Who do you admire and want to be like?

That's all till then goodbye and sayonara! ^_^



  1. Hye. I already get his from a blogger.. Btw Done following back.

  2. Thank you tag syara xD
    InshaAllah I'll do this tag sooner or later

    1. You're welcome kak Rasya! Alright...good luck with that! :DD

  3. thanks for tagging meh :D

    ill answer it soon XDD
    hope i got enough time to do it :D

    1. I'm sure you got enough time to do it ! C: You're most welcome ^^

  4. Answered! http://www.momoirun.tk/2017/04/blue-sky-tag.html

  5. thanks for tagging me! Insya-Allah I will answer the questions...

  6. I tag you too in this session. Fazroliqbal.blogspot.com❤❤❤

  7. "you are so hardworking." i used to get that a lot but i didn't take it as compliment XD but now i'm no longer rajin meh

    1. Arigato gozaimasu~! for that compliment *lagi sekali* to me it's lazy xD IDK why but hardworking was not really me :V

  8. waaah dah lama yer dalam blogging senpai XD

    1. Yup..since 2012 but doesn't take a good care of this blog :p

  9. http://alittlenana.blogspot.my/2017/05/blue-sky-tag.html
    Sorry dear for being late. Thanks for advance !

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