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Saturday, November 28, 2015


2016 hiatus .


I'm going to be hiatus next year because of PT3 . My heart was pounding. Anyway,  before this I've been hiatus for a year too . It's also because of examination such as PT1 & PT2 . But it's not my ' rezeki ' to get straight A's. I'm not shy to tell you that I'm failed. Yes. (failed in being a smart student)  I'm going to explain why I don't pass the test. 

Dear readers, 

I've been failed because of myself. Yes!  I don't study hard, I don't take it seriously though I know the test were going to be hard. I suppose to work hard. I thought you guys did expecting that I'm not such a responsible student. I admit. The PT3 syllabus were extremely hard!  It's enough to make your heart broken into a pieces during getting the results. I don't  even want to blame anyone else. But,  TBH the teachers don't even give us our exam papers. Exactly! Now you know that this is our dilemma. And how did I knew the results it's because of SAPS. I only knew grades and marks. But what did I do wrong in the test?. Mom said I should minta kat cikgu all the papers because it's really an important situation. Yeah mom's right! 

Actually, none of us want to get those kind of results. It's not really what we really hope we'll get. But it's fate. Allah knows what the best for us. I mean our batch. Even though I got all of those failures things but, hey!  It's not the end of the war. Sometimes, you have to lose the battle so that you can win the war. InshaAllah may Allah ease everything. 

I am upset. But mom said that's fine. Allah will help you if you help yourself. Instead of crying think something that can change your grades. I hope my mom's instinct was going well. Me neither. And guys, to whom were at form 1 & form 2. Be strong 💪. We really need to work even more hard than before. Life is worth. Don't waste your time by ' berangan ' with pakwe/makwe like my mom said. 

Okay for those yang pelik because Ingat saya main² for this whole time you're totally wrong 😃 . I did went to the tuition for an extra classes during night. I did study before the exam for more than a month. I did focused on the class during the asassement.  Yeah but it's not my rezeki to get full marks and flying colors in the PT2's examination period. Mom said : Itu ketentuan Allah yang penting struggle lagi. Don't give up that easy! It's to early. Do something. Well, I love her very much. :') oh!  And yeah I'm going to show you this images of a miracle things ever! MashaAllah. 

So have faith on him. Jangan tinggal solat inshaallah miracle will always happen to you and also me Amin... 

That's all wish you all the best PT3 candidates!  And Happy New Year!  Wow it's toooo early kan?  But why not hehe.

Sincerely, meeeee 👌

Jangan lupa baca doa akhir tahun dan awal tahun nanti. May Allah bless us :D


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