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Sunday, April 23, 2017


Zetsuen No Tempest (Blast Of Tempest)


IDK what type of hot topic to tell but lemme tell you a bit of this anime "Zetsuen No Tempest"(Blast Of Tempest).Well, I haven't watch any anime lately cause I'm to busy with homeworks, school and other stuffs that you won't ever understand .., Zetsuen No Tempest is one of the old anime since 2012-2013 ..However, I know it since this year man ._. Thus, I don't think so there's a lot of otaku people know about this anime so do I . Duh? That's pretty pathetic ..obviously. Just remain a good silent if you already know about this anime please but you can share a good thoughts about this anime at the comment box..........

Image result for anime handsome guy gif

Did you guys know him?  AWWWWW <3 I love him *LAUGHS* it's not really like I can get marry with him or what but just I like the way he looks at someone AWWWWWWW xDD attracting! 

His name is Mahiro Fuwa Render. I can't deal with how attracted his hairstyles looks like and yeah his eyes like  ohohohoo so charming! I can't deny it. And yh I know it's a 2012's anime but why not.....The fact is that I'm only 11 y/o that moment. WEW -,- 

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He's so cute don't you think so? 

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Image result for mahiro fuwa render gif tumblr

Let's proceed to the plot and the character & characteristics of this anime :-

The story revolves around Mahiro Fuwa, a teenager whose sister was mysteriously murdered one year before, and his friend Yoshino Takigawa. Mahiro is contacted by Hakaze Kusaribe, the leader of the Kusaribe clan who was left stranded on an unknown deserted island by her followers, and agrees to help Hakaze in exchange for her help to find out the culprit for the death of his family. Upon learning of his friend's intentions, Yoshino joins him on his quest to stand against the rest of the Kusaribe clan who intends to awaken the "Tree of Exodus" whose power can bring ruin to the entire world.

Mahiro Fuwa

The son of a wealthy entrepreneur, Mahiro is Aika's step-brother and Yoshino's best friend. Mahiro's family—consisting of his father, mother, and Aika—were all found dead one year before the beginning of the series. In exchange for help with finding the culprit responsible for killing Aika, Mahiro agrees with Hakaze's plan to stop the resurrection of the Tree of Exodus with Yoshino's help. With little care for the destiny of the world, Mahiro's only desire is to locate and kill the murderer of his family, especially for Aika's sake. Though he is not related to Aika by blood, Mahiro claims he never had any romantic feelings for her, even if his actions imply otherwise.Mahiro's setup and behavior includes allusions to Prince Hamlet, as just like the main character from Shakespeare's tragedy Hamlet, he is prone to abandon all morals and reason for the sake of exacting his revenge. It also includes allusions to Laertes, the brother of Hamlet's beloved Ophelia who also seeks revenge for the deaths of his father and sister.

Yoshino Takigawa

Mahiro's friend who joins his quest to stop the Tree of Exodus in exchange for the means to avenge his family's murder. Just like Mahiro, Yoshino can't overcome Aika's death as he was her boyfriend, a fact he always kept a secret from Mahiro by her request. Yoshino has a more calm and collected character in contrast to Mahiro's reckless behavior, resorting to manipulation and deceit when needed.Yoshino's setup and behavior includes allusions to Horatio from Hamlet, who is the eponymous protagonist's closest friend and confidant. It also includes allusions to Ariel from The Tempest, who works behind the scenes and serves as the magician's primary means of communication and obtaining information.

Aika Fuwa

Killed one year before, along with her parents, Aika was Mahiro's stepsister and Yoshino's girlfriend. Despite being already dead, both are still far from overcoming her loss, with Mahiro determined to avenge her at all costs and Yoshino still claiming he has a lover. Aika is a crucial character along with the main protagonists, it is hinted that she is the one who is the key to many unanswered mysteries surrounding them. It is revealed when Hakaze time travels to a time prior to Aika's death that she was actually the "Magician of Exodus", who, after learning of the future described by Hakaze, decided to take her parents' and her own life to save the world having easily restrained Hakaze who tried to stop her. Her powers were transferred to Megumu Hanemura upon her death.Aika's character is based on Sycorax, also from The Tempest, which is a deceased character who appears in flashbacks and defines several of the relationships in the play, and Ophelia from Hamlet whose brother gets frenzied by his drive for revenge after her death.

Hakaze Kusaribe

The leader of the Kusaribe Clan also known as the "Magician of Genesis" with the task of protecting the "Tree of Genesis" which is the source of the magic used by her clan. Betrayed by her aide Samon, who intends to halt the Tree of Genesis' advent by having the Tree of Exodus resurrected first, she is left stranded in a barrel which was washed ashore of a desert island. She uses the last remains of her magic to create a pair of wooden dolls with one of them thrown inside a bottle to the sea and the other in her possession. The doll is found by Mahiro, and she uses it to communicate with him, giving him and Yoshino instructions to confront the Kusaribe Clan and prevent the return of the Tree of Exodus. Hakaze also develops romantic feelings for Yoshino, but refrains from confessing to him upon his claim that he already has a girlfriend, unaware that said girl is the late Aika.Hakaze's setup and behavior includes allusions to Prospero, the main character from Shakespeare's play The Tempest, who is a duke with magical power. His brother betrays him and he escapes with his daughter to an island. On this island he makes plans to gain his dukedom back from his brother.

AN ANNOUCEMENT!!! Mahiro Fuwa Render is now one of my bae to xDDD 

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Image result for mahiro fuwa and his girlfriend

Thanks to Shiro Usagi for putting my weird blog as one of your bloglist! *HUGS* <3 <3 Nice to meet yaaaaa ! :D And also thanks to Run  for the exchange links *winkwink* ^^ Do view their blog guys ! Their blog are just spetacular!

Till then...sayonara !


  1. I've watched Tempest, it's really good! My 3rd favorite of all time. Check my other favorites. I really love how Mahiro and Yoshino act each other. And Aika is my new waifu.

    1. done checking your other favorites! :) I love that site btw.

  2. well i watch 2 episode of this anime
    but then i drop it, cause it didnt really interest me much XDD


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