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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Assalammualaikum and happy fasting ! May Allah bless us always :) 

Okay today I would like to share about >>>

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

During my leisure times, I played this one game and yeah it's pretty useful for me to learn more about Subarachnoid Hemorrhage even though, I am not one of the science stream's students but hey I wanna learn about it and who cares.

So I did my own research about it! Guess what I found out that Subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) refers to bleeding within the subarachnoid space, which is the area between the brain and the tissues that cover the brain. Oh Ya Allah it was so dangerous isn't ?

The subarachnoid space is the space where the cerebrospinal fluid circulates, and it’s responsible for protecting your brain from injury by serving as a cushion. A hemorrhage in this space can cause a coma, paralysis, and even death.

The condition can occur quickly and is often the result of head trauma...When SAH develops, it has several symptoms. The main symptom is a sudden, severe headache, which is more intense at the base of the skull. It is often described as the worst headache people have ever experienced. Some people may even feel a popping sensation in their head before the hemorrhage begins.


  • neck pain
  • numbness throughout your body
  • shoulder pain
  • seizures
  • confusion
  • irritability
  • sensitivity to light
  • decreased vision
  • double vision
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • rapid loss of alertness
The symptoms of SAH come on suddenly, and you may lose consciousness quickly. Seek emergency medical attention right away if you experience any of these symptoms combined with a severe headache.

Causes of SAH

SAH can occur spontaneously, or as a result of head trauma. Spontaneous SAH is often related to brain aneurysms, which are abnormalities within the brain’s arteries. The most common cause of primary SAH is a berry aneurysm. It’s called a berry aneurysm because it forms a cluster of sac-like pouches in a cerebral vessel that looks like a cluster of berries. These aneurysms swell up and weaken the walls of the arteries over time.
When an aneurysm erupts, it quickly bleeds and forms a clot. This condition is responsible for most SAH cases. Aneurysmal hemorrhage may occur at any age, but it’s most common between age 40 and 65. Brain aneurysms are more common in women, in smokers, and in those with high blood pressure. In some cases, trauma to the brain during an injury can cause aneurysms and result in a subarachnoid hemorrhage. 

The only way to prevent this condition is to identify potential problems within the brain. Early detection and, in some cases, treatment of a brain aneurysm can prevent a subsequent hemorrhage in the subarachnoid space.

What is the long-term outlook for SAH?

SAH is a serious condition that can frequently be fatal. The recovery period is long, and you may be at a higher risk of complications if you’re older or have poor overall health.
The earlier you seek emergency medical care, the better your chances of survival. 


SAH can occur at any age, and some people are even born with cerebral aneurysms that can lead to this condition.

It was such a heartbroken to knew that SAH can occur at any age! Even me myself can have it?! Ya Allah Alhamdulillah...I was born to be normal :') 

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And this is one of the Traumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrhage's info

Image result for traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage

 So I guess that's all from me for today just take care of yourself no matter what because yeah we don't know if something might happen to us something undesirable so take a good care of yourself please! :)  May Allah protect us always ameen.... 


  1. Thanks for sharing this akak Syara!

  2. Wow u did the whole reserach.. nice one tho 🙆🙆

  3. Thanks Naja :) alah biasa je bcs interested nak buat whole research pasal benda ni xD


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